We source our Chaga Mushroom from the place that is commonly referred to as the cradle of the world – Altai Mountains of Siberia. I has been said that this is where humanity originates. Altai Mountains are one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean places in Russia with vast territories untouched by civilization. In Turkish, Altai Mountains mean “golden mountains” for it is the land full of treasures, spiritual and physical alike – ancient mysteries, legends, tribes, shamans and healers, abundant minerals, archeological monuments, medicinal herbs and of course superb Chaga.

Altai Rivers Chaga

The breathtaking, primordial beauty if the land, from it’s mountains to plains to icy lakes, have earned it the reputation of Russian Tibet. Rich in biodiversity, from bears to camels to bisons and goats, with more than 18 000 lakes, 37 000 rivers and 1400 glaciers, Altai Region is the cleanest place in the world to source nature’s gifts and find healing.

Altai Bison

Altai Camels Chaga

The climate of Altai Region is extremely diverse, with weather ranging from 86F to a frosty -10F. Winters here last 5-7 months – excellent conditions for wild Chaga to thrive in as Chaga LOVES LOVES LOVES the cold.

Chaga from Altai

Chaga Altai Lake

Snowy Peaks of Altai

We, at Bewitchery INC, have tried Chaga Mushroom from various local regions and we are here to tell you that while the quality of the local Chaga is good, it is incomparable to the brew you get out of wild Chaga from Altai Mountains of Siberia. Personally, for our own consumption, we have chosen the Chaga from the “golden mountains” as our staple drink. We hope that you will make the same choice while the Spirit of this mysterious land chooses to graciously share its gifts with us.

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