Sometimes we are just under the wrong spell; frequent colds, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, unexplained aches, pains and other discomforts. Sometimes we’re just stuck, unable to break the pattern, and sometimes, we don’t even realize that there is a pattern. We are just not quite ourselves, not quite as vital as we once were, despite doctor’s reassurances of perfect health.

When we are not thriving, it’s a sure sign that we are in need of healing. Healing – takes guts. Guts to look at your wounds. Conventional medicine is not very good at assisting with this process so we turn to the wisdom of the old medicine that is much better at bewitching: mending, nurturing, and enabling one to feel vital and to thrive physically and emotionally.

BewitcheryInc aims to explore ways of staying happy and healthy through the use of adaptogenic herbs, herbal remedies, forgotten wisdoms, spells, synchronistic events, and other things. By turning to the old ways in order to tackle modern afflictions, I hope to support the healing journeys and experiences of those who are seeking to live under a different spell.